What is DREAM PROJECT? DREAM PROJECT is a performing team for women 18 years and older in the Denver area. DREAM PROJECT producer Lisa Pevateaux says, "I came up with DREAM PROJECT as a result of me missing the old Dance West DIVAS that I used to direct in Boulder. I feel there are very few opportunities for dancers over the age of 18 in Colorado with the exception of professional teams such as the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders, Denver Nuggets Dancers and professional theater. I have always found it sad that women stop dancing way before their time, and in many cases prior to reaching their highest levels of the sport/art. Because many dancers aren't comfortable taking classes in the "studio" environment once they graduate high school, they stop dancing all together and this is where DREAM PROJECT comes in." To begin building this new dream she approached Bree Ray, an accomplished dancer, choreographer and current instructor at Elite Dance Academy to be the Director for DREAM PROJECT. The partnership was natural since Bree was a vital part of many years of DIVAS and understands Lisa's mission and dreams for the project. since Bree was a vital part of many years of Divas and understood Lisa’s mission and dreams for the project. Cecily Stephenson took over as director in 2016 hoping to fill the brilliant and talented shoes of the directors before her. Like Bree, Cecily is also a DIVAS alumnus, and shares Lisa’s vision and dreams for the project. Cecily is not only honored to be apart of DREAM PROJECT, but also strives to put together amazing shows for all to enjoy - from those who understand dance, to those who simply enjoy the arts. Why is DREAM PROJECT special? DREAM PROJECT began in June 2009 with auditioning 50 trained dancers aged 18 to 32. These women produced a team of 22 of the best dancers in all of Colorado during the inaugural year. Last season, DREAM PROJECT accepted 32 dancers. This season, DREAM PROJECT accepted 26 dancers! They are not only talented but are beautiful, caring, charitable role models for all dancers and girls following in their footsteps. They are all very important members of our community and want to make a difference while pursuing their passion in dance. The other important piece that makes up DREAM PROJECT is that of our contribution to society outside of our performances. With each show that is produces, DREAM PROJECT contributes a portion of show proceeds to a charity of our choice. A new charity is chosen with each show to distribute our contribution amongst so many deserving charities. Since the inception of DREAM PROJECT, they have contributed more than $4,000 to Project 1:27, Sense of Security, Wapiyapi, Alpine Rescue and Two Angels Foundation.
Lisa Pevateaux Dream Project Producer
Cecily Stephenson Dream Project Company Manager
What to be a part of DREAM PROJECT? DREAM PROJECT will be hosting auditions after their next production. Details will be posted here when audition date is set.
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